Publicación de la versión inglesa (formato ebook) del libro “Entre el Cielo y la Tierra”

Publication of the english versión (ebook format) of the book “Between Heaven and Earth”




Do ghosts exist? What happens after death? Does the church defend the existence of purgatory?

 Maria Vallejo Nagera enters the fascinating world of the abnormal to shine some light on the unsolved enigma of purgatory that has for so long intrigued and captivated man and the Catholic Church. She expresses with delicacy and elegance all the factual evidence supported by the church and its Saints dictating the official opinion on the matter. St. Father Pio, St. Catherine and others have left behind manuscripts about apparitions from the deceased that they experienced throughout their lives.  The author presents a dozen testimonials of well-known characters from Spanish society (the Count of Romanones and Paloma Gomez Borrero are two of the many) individuals who have experienced supernatural encounters in their past. Scares, surprises and most of all the real facts of the purgatory and the souls that roam within are described by the author in a profound and gripping manner that push the reader from beginning to end.


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